Scott Marcotte writes a beautifull
article, which also was printed
in the US keyboars magazine:

Well, I would like to say I am a DX-1 family member as well. So rare and so
so so beautiful to own. I've have never seen anything as cool looking as the
DX-1 synthesizer keyboard.
When I began my search for a DX-1, I really took on a big task to find one
because somehow I became desperate to see it and hear it. I am really a new
synthesizer player so I haven't put much time into owning synths before but
have been building my synth collection. I own a Roland JD-800 and a Oberheim
OB-12 and a Seil DK-600. All of these synths are wonderful to play and are
all programming synths. When I discovered the DX-1, I discovered it's face
contruction and it being user friendly and the only DX of it's series to
offer programming. My JD-800 sounds wonderful but kinda of thin sometimes,
my Oberheim OB-12 sounds very fat but not as genuine (which I believe the
Oberheim Matrix 12 is the true Oberheim sounds but the OB-12 has an awesume
programming display) but my DX-1 sounds just wonderful. It's is very true
sounding as crystal clear. The wooded weighted keys, the key velocity,
portamento, modulation wheel is just so awesume!! The patches with this
synth is so cool (glass crystal, Time Warp, portobass, small boom poly, Take
off, Lazersweep, Bell ting poly and more..)

This is truly one of the greatest synthesizers ever ever made. There is
nothing like it and even today, it is STILL the coolest thing out there.
There's nothing old fashion about this synth, it's turns heads like a
Lamborghini Diablo and handles like a Ducati and built like a Rolls-Royce
and Austin Martin. The DX-1 was a hand built instrument and Yamaha used the
best materials Yamaha could find and they put it all together so
beautifully. The wood alone is art work and at night, the light display, is
really cool(wow)!

When this synth was made is was indeed, made before its time(1985).
Regardless of it's weight and size, Yamaha really made and produced it best
work on the DX-1 and if you ever want to own and see what the best of what
Yamaha has to offer, the DX-1 is still the hottest thing they've made and on
the market (but rare to find).

Owning a DX-1 and my quest to get one was my inspiration of Depeche Mode.
They used this sythnesizer and the sound of their best sounds and even
today, Martin Gore still uses this synth. If your ever heard of their new
ablum Exciter from 2001, there are two songs called Freelove: "mini chorus
mix" and "maxmal chorus mix", that has the true DX-1 sound.

If anybody says the DX-1 is too big and old, don't listen. Yes it is big but
never never old. It is a true instrument and nothing about it is a
disappointment. It is VERY reliable and built like a tank!! This is the best
and if you have a synthesizer keyboard request list, the DX-1 is a must own.
When I wanted a DX-1, I was determined to get one. It took me about 150
hours of Internet searching and e-mailed over 500 people to find one but
after I did all the shopping I could, I love it when I bought it. At first
finding a DX-1 last July of 2001 was dry and none were available but as a
couple of months went by one came for sale, then two and then three and 4, 5
and then probably about 9 were for sale when I bought mine. The search came
as the first one asking price was $4000., case and all and the owner said
only 140 of them were made and felt if he didn't sell it he would keep it,
and I continued on and came accross another for $3000. which I still felt
desperate to pay the price but said I could wait a little longer, even
though it happened to be Herbie Hancock's old DX-1, and then another from
one London for $1720. but had no case and couple of others I knew that were
for sale at about $2500. and $3000.00. However when I came to make a
decision to by my DX-1, I somehow got a call from an owner and he said he
was looking to sale his but kinda was tempted of still keeping it because it
was the rarest thing out there and he loved it but through a good
conversation we had, he decided to sell it for $2050.00 with all manuals,
brochures, cords, voice roms and memory cartridges and a Anvil flight case
and I was sold.

If you have an interest to try and find a DX-1, I can be of a help to find
you one if you are interested but to tell you the truth, these are extremely
rare and owners usually don't want to part with them and if you see one,
you'll know why. If you an idea price range what to pay for a DX-1 expect to
pay at least $2000.00 through $4000. and if you want a perfect one then
expect to pay over $5000.00 but my guess is all DX-1's were all well taken
care of, so consider any DX-1 a purchase instrument. Some people have gotten
lucky and paid $1000.00 or $900.00 or so but a DX-1 is worth $2000.00 and
up, so even so, I would pay $3000.00 if I had to because of their value.
Also if you have a keyboard stand by Ultimate, the Apex single column stand
model, it won't fit if you ever wanted to know.

The price of these things new were between $10,900.00 and $12,900.00 back in
1985 and seeing one you'll know why they were so expensive. The story on how
many of them were made remains a mystery and even to Yamaha but the numbers
seem small from 140 of them to maybe a little over 200 were actually made.
So they are very rare but are still well kept to there original condition.
During my search to find one, I found many of them listed in major
universities, through donations and synthesizer labs, which they would never
part with if you ask.

But if you choose to find one, I know of a few for sale but remember these
are rare and beautiful machines.

And as an owner, I share with you that a DX-1 is truly the best of what's
out there in the synthesizer world.

So if you decide to try one, I say make it the top of your list because it
is the best of the best. Trust me, this is the most beautiful machine you
could ever imagine and second, extremely easy to program and
three, the sound is just warm and true to believe from a DX-1.

Scott Marcotte

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