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Back in Dec. 92' I went to my local music shop to sell my 12 string so I could buy X-mass presents that year. Times were lean then but I couldn't swallow the price they gave for the 12er so I kept it. While I was there I saw the motherload of ALL Synths; the ever incredible Yamaha DX-1. Wow!!!!! If you ever get a chance to see one turned on... what a cockpit. Anyhoo, I fell in love and it's then $1,000 price tag may as well have been $10,900. Just before Chrictmass i closed my first Leasr deal ( I design Laser lighting systems ) so X-mass was OK. After the first of the year I went back and it was still there. The dealer told me that he had sold it to a guy in Germany untill he found out that ti would cost more to ship it than he was paying for it so, NO sale. Then he said the 2 most beautiful words I have ever heard.... LAY AWAY with only 10% down. I did it and wvery week I'd go in and pay a little and on head phones PLAY a little until that glorious day i went to pick it up. Dude, you want the ATA case with it??? he asked. NO I can't afford it. He told me to take it with me and pay him the $300 later on time. It was a $1,000 Anvil case !!! So thats my DX! story , so for $1,300 I own the most well constructed and beautiful synth to date (with the exception of a Yamaha GX-1 but there are only 12 of those) Bessie, thats what I call her is my favorite posession which makes my 1 Watt Krypton jealous !!!!! Five Stars nad i even like the colour... Brazillian rosewood

I use it mainly in my home studio, I originally bought it do LASER imaging since it had separate banks ( A & B ) I use it to do lissaju patterns. I do/did planetarium and concert LASER shows and build them for clubs. It was the best investment I have ever made.
I had the owner’s manual reprinted on parchment and leather bound it’s very nice.

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