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the DX1 marketplace

here you can buy and / or sell spare
parts for your synthesizer, whole instruments and anything else in
relation to the Yamaha DX1.

also you can make an announcement
when you are searching for something
special .

terms of use:


sellers do confirm that the parts they
want to trade, are in their property.


many things regarding the DX1 are
available at the DX1 w.i.c. for free !

manuals, fylers, wiring diagrams
and much much more could be found
using the index top of every page.

useful information is also often
given by other users, whom you
can reach in our forum.

join the DX1 owners club now !


the Yamaha DX1 w.i.c marketplace,
it´s national and international indexes
and the serial tracking service are
private, free of charge, services.

neither www.kratzer.at or the DX1 w.i.c.
is responsible in any matter regarding
the content of offers and behaviour
of the sellers and/or buyers.

if you have made bad experiences
with people or companies, please inform

also read our privacy statement.



external DX related trade:

spare parts and original DX
stuff / stock / leftover gear
(located in california)



for adding your company to this list
or posting a commercial
advertisement, please contact:


the DX1 marketplace

experience has shown that there are always some DX1 for trade, but mostly they are hard to find...

this also affects our marketplace.
we have cleared this section and closed down the public adds to keep our partners in private.
we had sale adds here with lots of people seriously willing to buy and a lot of wannabees who finaly flooded sellers mailbox...

this is how it works for now:

if you want to SELL A DX1 and / or accssesories, send an email to and note if you are interested in national and / or international trade.
please tell us where are you from, it´s serial number (requiered information), a short description of condition (photo´s if avaliable) and your price expectation. (optional informations).
(if you are unsure about details look at the FAQ and feel free to ask, we are granting full confidentality and will forward your offer to seriously interested people from our index only.

if you want to BUY A DX1 you are also pleased to send an email to .
we have worldwide and national indexes running, where you can be added upon request.

"sellers service" and "buyers index" are both free services and have been proved to be one of the best and fastest ways to achieve a serious partner.

how to report a stolen DX1:

if you are a member in the free DX1 owners club, you should have been invited to tell us the serial number of your DX1.
(if not, feel free to send in this informations please)

the serial number of each registered owner´s DX1 goes to our tracking index, if we get a new sellers offer which features the serial number of a stolen DX, he faces serious troubles...
we and our local partners are also regulary have a look at ebay auctions etc.

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